‪I have known Orly since 1991, before I met my husband. From her first reading I learned so much about myself, understood a lot of what was happening to me, and could relax into the profoundly insightful knowledge that was new to me. Orly’s unique professional personality is intuitive, conceptual, precise, realistic and spiritual. She gives amazing results that continue to prove to be very useful through the years. I am lucky to have had Orly in my life at significant moments, when her advice changed my attitude even towards my children. I strongly recommend her as an Astrologer and Guide. She is a highly regarded counselor who has become a friend until today.

Hanita Atoun

Video editor and teacher,  a mother of two children 19 and 17 years old.

Her life mission is to help women and girls recover from bulimia.

Herzlia, Israel


I first met Orly Davidovich Horev in 1995 while attending one of her Astrology seminars. Since then I have enjoyed the success of her accurate business forecasts. Orly is helpful, responsible and professional with an elevated spiritual sensablity. I warmly recommend her to those who would use her Astrological abilities.

Capt. Zvi Hary Kfir

Self made business entrepreneur

Hod-Hashron, Israel


I warmly recommend a consultation with Orly

Orly has a very special, unique and gentle way to reflect patterns of behavior that I used unconciously. Things that come up in my relationship with my parents, partner, family, friends, colleagues. In her counselling Orly gave me tools about how to  release my blockages and to change my life and make my dreams come true


Dr.Naama Schwartz

Senior Chiropractor in The Institute for Pain Medicine at Rambam Health Care Campus.

Haifa, Israel.