4th – 12th September 2015

Limited time slots available for Astrology chart reading session

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The session takes place as a “voyage of self-understanding over timeline” during which Orly accompanies her client to observe her / his  life processes – respectively to the current and future possibilities – aimed  to creating , modifying and designing new meanings and desired reality.

 Orly Davidovich Horev is a professional Psychoastrologer, with over 27 of experience in the field. She will arrive to London for a series of private consultancy sessions, available only between 4th – 12th September 2015

  • Chart reading session – 90 min – face to face session cost 120 GBP
  • 20% Discount will be applied when booking 2 charts or more
  • Contact Orly to find out more about remote sessions options, or case specific discounts

Book your session in advance, slots availability is limited


 Tel: 020 313 74067

  E-mail: orly@astro-logy.com